Your advantages

What you get out of traveling with us

Charging electricity comes from renewable sources almost everywhere. This way you minimize your ecological footprint.

Dedicated “homely build” instead of modular furniture and sleeping on folded-down car seats.

Sustainable materials such as sheep’s wool, cork and local wood types and durable equipment.

All-inclusive at no extra charge: you just bring food and your clothes!

Only two seasons, no mileage limit, no extra costs for everyday equipment.

Charging cards, mobile apps and all information. Support before and during your trip. Also suitable for electric beginners!

The vans


  • High living comfort

  • Fully equipped

  • Climate-friendly drive

  • Sustainable materials

  • First-class ride comfort

You can rent electric campers that offer two or three people a high quality of living in a compact space. They are fully equipped with everything you need on your trip. You just bring your clothes and food; everything else is taken care of!

As our vehicles are electrically powered, you are on the road in a climate-friendly way. We also opted for natural sheep’s wool insulation and sustainable materials for the build-out.

Driving an electric camper is very pleasant: no gear shifting, sufficient power and heavenly silence instead of noisy diesel. The relaxation begins within the first few meters!

The Polaris

Compared to the Sirius, the LIGHTstern Polaris offers a little more space for up to three people. It also scores with modern vehicle technology, which enables short charging times and a high level of driving comfort.

from EUR 110,- per night

The Sirius

The LIGHTstern Sirius represents the entry into the world of electric camping. With its compact dimensions and clever use of the available interior space, two people can easily reach even remote destinations.

from EUR 80,- per night

Electric tours

Perfect for beginners!

Would you like to rent an electric camper, but are worried about whether you can cope with public charging infrastructure? No problem. We have put together tours with daily destinations for you where you can charge reliably! We also provide you with charging cards, useful apps and a detailed introduction to the world of electric mobility. So it’s also ideal for beginners!

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Satisfied customers

Reviews on Google:

Excellent, high-quality furnishings, well thought-out interior design with smart ideas, coherent overall concept, smooth and friendly communication.

We were thrilled all round. The custom-made interior design simply makes you feel at home.
Mirko & Lucile

Achim was always available to answer my questions.


Never drive a combustion engine again! Simply great, this electric camper van!

Wolfgang & Ulrike

The feeling of driving on electricity and running all other things with solar power is great.


After just a short time, we were more than impressed by the charging handling and the clever and super-efficient interior design.

Marie & Christoph
Driving almost silently on country roads is very pleasant!
Dorothea & Boto