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Make beds? Not with us!

6. April 2024|

In most campervans where the bed has to be built for sleeping, it’s time to “make the beds” in the evening. This is not only annoying, but also

Test trip to the Harz Mountains

31. March 2024|

Shortly before Easter, we were finally able to put one of our new LIGHTstern Polaris campers through its paces in the field. In addition to some good findings,

How the internet pre-programs our journeys

9. February 2024|

In an article I read, the author reflects on how the internet and the widespread availability of travel information has meant that travelers rarely encounter unexpected or unknown

Electric tours for beginners

22. January 2024|

Many of our customers have not had any experience with electric mobility before their road trip with one of our campers. This is why there are always concerns

2024: News from LIGHTstern

22. September 2023|

The season is drawing to a close. But that is no reason for us to sit back and relax. Instead, we are looking forward to the coming year

First-class service as a cornerstone

4. August 2023|

It is neither rocket science nor anything new, and yet the understanding of what good “customer service” means for many competitors raises questions. In this article, you can

Sustainability as a cornerstone

21. July 2023|

No one can seriously doubt it anymore: we are in the middle of a climate crisis. We therefore see sustainability as a cornerstone of our company’s philosophy. Find