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I occasionally get feedback from customers that they feel stressed by the short range and finding charging stations. I’m taking this as an opportunity to use an example to explain in very practical terms how you can use load planning for beginners on your first electric road trip with aplomb.

What is the problem?

If you’ve never had anything to do with an electric car before and are approaching the matter with an open mind, you might be a bit shocked by the range per battery charge and the availability of charging stations.

Please understand me correctly: you should be able to approach the matter with a completely open mind! However, it will probably be a few years before this really works. Until then, a little planning is still required. However, once you have internalized the principle behind it, it will soon become second nature to you and you will hardly have to spend much time on it.

Forget the remaining range indicator!

(Not really) amazing but true: even in an electric car, the remaining range display is just as inaccurate as in a combustion engine. So it’s best to ignore them! Fortunately, there is a much better way to determine the remaining range of your camper. And this is the battery level as a percentage.

The battery of an electric car discharges fairly linearly as long as the external circumstances (such as temperature, speed driven, etc.) do not change. This means that each percentage of the battery corresponds to a certain distance.

Practical example

So let’s take the LIGHTstern Sirius as a practical example. This is because it has a headache-friendly range of around 200 kilometers in summer. According to Adam Riese, this means that every percent of the battery corresponds to 2 kilometers. This means that you can take the remaining charge level of the battery at any time and multiply it by two. And now you have a fairly realistic estimate of your camper’s remaining range. Charge planning is that easy for beginners!

Our eBook on the topic

Since the topic of “planning an electric road trip” is really important, we have written a small eBook about it. In addition to the details of the practical example from above, you will learn a few other aspects that will help you to plan such a trip in a confident and relaxed manner.

We’ll give you this eBook for free when you book an electric camper with us. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter. You will also receive our eBook “Electrical Adventures” for free! (Alternatively, you can buy it for 99 cents on Amazon for your Kindle ).

Published On: 15. May 2023
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