Long-term camper rental: Save up to 40% and travel sustainably!

Whether it’s parental leave, spending the winter in the south, workation, digital nomadism, a sabbatical or simply your ultimate road trip: our long-term campervan rental with a huge discount makes your dream come true – electric, sustainable, climate-friendly!

The discount of 33% or 40% is automatically applied when booking as soon as you select a corresponding period.

Your advantages

What you get out of traveling with our electric camper long-term rental

All-around carefree package

All inclusive: all you need to do is bring food and your clothes and you’re ready to go!

Unbeatable prices

33% from 2 months, 40% from 4 months*, unlimited kilometers, no extra costs for optional equipment.

Dedicated “living-room build” for maximum comfort instead of simple modular furniture and sleeping on folded-down car seats.

Charging cards, mobile apps and all information. Support before and during the trip. Also ideal for electric beginners!

Charging electricity is green electricity. This way you minimize your personal impact on the climate and the environment.

thanks to materials such as sheep’s wool, cork and local types of wood as well as durable equipment.

* If you would like to travel for longer, we will calculate an individual discount for you. Feel free to get in touch!

The camper van


The LIGHTstern Polaris is a perfect long-term camper for up to three people with plenty of space inside. It offers a powerful electric drive, a cleverly conceived living concept and a build with sustainable materials.

  • Extra-wide sofa bed (sleeping area 150+ cm); integrated bed linen
  • Fully equipped kitchen with induction hob and compressor fridge, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large table for eating and working
  • Almost endless energy for cooking, heating and your 230-volt appliances thanks to power from the huge traction battery
  • Environmentally friendly, compact dry separation toilet
  • Camping furniture and awnings

  • Realistic range: 200 km; recharging to 80% in approx. 35 minutes

Satisfied customers

Reviews on Google:

Excellent, high-quality furnishings, well thought-out interior design with smart ideas, coherent overall concept, smooth and friendly communication.

The feeling of driving on electricity and running all other technology on green electricity is great.

We were thrilled all round. The custom-made interior design simply makes you feel at home.

Mirko & Lucile

After just a short time, we were more than impressed by the charging handling and the clever and super-efficient interior design.

Marie & Christoph

Achim was always available to answer my questions.

Driving almost silently on country roads is very pleasant!
Dorothea & Boto

Never drive a combustion engine again! Simply great, such an electric camper!

Wolfgang & Ulrike

Known from


Write to us!

Want to know more about long-term electric campervan hire? Or perhaps you already have a specific idea for a longer trip? Or are you generally interested in the advantages of an electric camper? Then write us a message!


The camper long-term rental in detail

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What is a long-term campervan rental suitable for?

There are many reasons to think about a longer trip. For example, so that new parents can experience their parental leave together to the full. Or because, as a digital nomad, you only need the internet and a cell phone for your work and don’t have to sit in the office from nine to five. But of course it could also be that you are taking a break or have just retired. And now you want to enjoy your new freedom to the full.

In short: Not only does our “Slow Travel” philosophy fit in perfectly with all this, but also the climate-friendly long-term electric camper rental!

What offers are there?

If you have ever researched the topic of “long-term rental”, you will have noticed that there are two approaches on the market. On the one hand, this is classic renting, only with a longer rental period. And on the other hand, vehicle subscriptions have been available for some time. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and unfortunately there are always methods that we find – let’s say – not particularly customer-friendly.

Traditional motorhome rental companies often cannot get out of their usual way of thinking with prices per day. That’s why the discounts there are often quite meager. Especially when you consider that you are renting an expensive vehicle for several months.

Subscription providers, on the other hand, lure customers with seemingly low prices. Unfortunately, you usually only get these “starting prices” if you take out a real subscription for at least 12 months. This may still make sense for a car for everyday use. On the other hand, you really only want a camper for one trip.

What are the disadvantages?

Even if shorter terms are possible with subscriptions, you suddenly find yourself facing a dramatic surcharge. However, the “starting price” from the beginning is no longer mentioned.

What’s more, the subscription providers basically only get away with their bargains if the vehicles are moved as little as possible. This is because old-fashioned combustion engines wear out more and therefore require much more maintenance. Accordingly, the subscriptions usually include very few kilometers.

But if you want to drive more – and this is to be expected on a road trip – then you have to buy expensive additional packages.

Last but not least, traditional rentals and subscription providers charge extra for many items of equipment that are actually taken for granted. This ranges, for example, from kitchen equipment, comforters and bed linen to additional interior cleaning after return. When you add up all the different surcharges, you quickly realize that your trip will be significantly more expensive than it looked at first glance. And that almost certainly leads to frustration.

What we do differently

Offering you the best possible travel experience is our top priority. That’s why we do things differently with our long-term electric campervan hire!

Our campers are always fully equipped

Above all, we don’t have a long list of surcharges. We call this the “all-around carefree package”. Final cleaning is also included in the service fee.

All kilometers included

Especially with long-term rentals, we believe that nothing spoils the joy of a vacation more than constantly having to calculate how far you can drive without a “penalty fee”. That’s why all kilometers are included.

Honest and clear prices

We don’t believe in fantastic bait-and-switch offers that nobody books in the end anyway. Instead, you get the price you see. That’s it!

You can easily try all of this yourself. Simply go to our booking page and select your desired period. The discount for the selected rental period will be applied automaticallyand you will be shown the binding final price for your long-term electric campervan rental!