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Many of our customers have not had any experience with electric mobility before their road trip with one of our campers. This is why there are always concerns about whether they can cope with the public charging infrastructure, for example.

What we do to support you

Above all, we have compiled all the information you need for your trip in a LIGHTstern camper on our website. If you have any further questions, we organize an “Ask me anything” every month, where you can ask us all your questions via video chat – regardless of the topic.

Some time ago, we also started putting together special electric tours for beginners. These are suggestions for round trips where the length of the individual daily stages remains manageable and you can recharge your camper at each day’s destination.

In theory, it is even possible to charge overnight and continue driving the next day with a full battery. And if something should come up, we have also marked large charging stations along the route for you. So you are prepared for all eventualities!

What we want to achieve

Even if you don’t really have to deal with the topic of charging in this way, the basic idea is to give you the self-confidence you need to stand confidently “on your own two feet” in the future.

In addition to the tours themselves, there are also tips on useful apps. And if you rent from us or sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive our little eBook as a gift, in which we describe in detail how to plan and carry out an electric road trip with confidence.

What electric tours are there for beginners?

There are currently four tours lasting seven to 14 days through northern, southern and eastern Germany as well as a tour through the Netherlands. The fifth tour with the title“Family Happiness” is not a tour in this sense, as we have not specified a route here, but have selected particularly child-friendly campsites in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and southern Sweden. That’s why we call it a touring kit.

Charging takes place mainly at public stations. However, we have made sure that there is always a fast charging station nearby.

To find out more about the individual electric tours, you can watch the video opposite or simply browse through the tours yourself.

Published On: 22. January 2024
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