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The season is drawing to a close. But that is no reason for us to sit back and relax. Instead, we are looking forward to the coming year with great anticipation. Because we have a lot going on in 2024!

Our new arrival: The Polaris

You may have already heard: after the turbulent times during the Corona pandemic, we can now finally offer you the vehicle size we have always wanted. With the LIGHTstern Polaris, we have added a fully-fledged camper van to our fleet.

Compared to the Sirius, our entry-level model, the Polaris offers significantly more living and storage space. In addition, the kitchen and toilet remain usable even when the bed is set up. That alone is a big step forward compared to the small Sirius.

And last but not least, three people can now travel with the Polaris. The ideal scenario is either a couple who are then really comfortable, or two adults with a smaller child. There is also enough space for this.

If you would like to take a closer look at the Polaris, you can find all the details in this blog post.

Long-term rental from two months

The LIGHTstern Polaris is a big step forward for us in every respect. Now, at the latest, nothing stands in the way of a longer trip in an electric camper.

To make it even easier to spend parental leave, a sabbatical or digital nomadism in a LIGHTstern camper, we are introducing the LIGHTstern long-term rental in 2024. This starts from just two months and offers you a 33 percent discount. If you want to be on the road for a really long time, you get a whopping 40 percent discount on the regular rental price from four months. If that’s not a fair offer, we don’t know what is!

Sirius remains in the fleet

But there is more news. Originally, we wanted to sell both Siriuses at the end of the year. However, as we have grown very fond of the model and you, our customes, are also so enthusiastic, we have decided to keep the Sirius “Orange”.

From the coming season, you will therefore have the choice between two models, with the Sirius representing the entry-level model for electric camping. If you don’t have any experience yet, you can try out the Sirius for a long weekend, for example, to see how well you get on with the whole concept. And if you like what you see, you can go on a longer trip with the Polaris later.

But if you are traveling solo, the Sirius is a good alternative, too. Because you don’t necessarily have to pull out the bed and you can also use the toilet at night.

Either way: In the future, you can choose the right vehicle for your idea of electric travel!

CCS upgrade

The biggest “sticking point” with the Sirius so far has been the Chademo fast-charging connection. This standard has lost the “race” against the CCS connection that is now common in Europe. And even if there are still enough Chademo charging points in the public, the number of CCS stations is simply many times higher.

That’s why we decided to spend a nice sum of money and have the Sirius converted to CCS. This not only means that many, many more charging stations are available in one fell swoop. This retrofit will essentially bring the technically outdated Sirius back up to date and will allow it to remain in the fleet for a few more years. That too is sustainability!

Price reduction for Sirius

It would certainly have made sense to increase prices in order to recoup the investment in the CCS retrofit. But we are doing exactly the opposite and are even lowering the prices for the Sirius! In the high season the rent is 12 percent cheaper, in the low season it is still six percent cheaper. So you get a significantly upgraded vehicle at an even lower price. That’s something, isn’t it?

All campers for 2024 are already available on our booking page and the new prices for the Sirius have already been entered. And of course our other discounts continue to apply in addition. For example, there is a 5 percent discount from a rental period of 8 nights, which gradually increases to 15 percent from 22 nights.

Stay in touch!

There will certainly be special promotions and special discounts in the coming season. If you don’t want to miss anything, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter. So you’re always up to date!

If you would like to meet us in person and happen to be traveling in the north of Germany, then meet us on Saturday, October 21 at the Möbel Heinrich sustainability fair in Bad Nenndorf. We will be there with both campers and of course there will also be a little surprise on site. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Published On: 22. September 2023
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