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We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests. And our first season in 2022 was certainly impressive. Nevertheless, this year we are a long way behind expectations. What could be the reason for this? Is the world not ready for us yet?

Three possible reasons

After a very good start to the 2023 season, demand – especially for the peak season – has fallen sharply. As we are only in our second year in the rental business, we simply lack the experience to be able to classify this clearly. So you start to look for reasons for this reluctance.

I see three possible reasons.

1: The offer is no good

In principle, there is of course the possibility that our product or service is simply bad. That they are not coherent and do not benefit the customer.

But since our previous customers have mostly returned from their trips very enthusiastically, I think this is unlikely. Even if I think about it very self-critically, I can’t find any indication that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the LIGHTstern concept.

2: Sirius is too minimalist

Another possibility for the reluctance of potential renters could be that, although they are certainly open to traveling with an electric camper, the Sirius is simply too small for their needs. That really cannot be denied. After all, in the LIGHTstern Sirius there really is often only either/or.

Either bed or sofa, either night or day. And when the bed is assembled, you can’t reach most of the things in the storage space. And last but not least, there is no room for the toilet at night.

I am convinced that we have made the most of the limited space in the Sirius, but I understand if this is still too much of a compromise for more demanding customers.

If this is the real reason, then it will definitely disappear in the coming 2024 season with the introduction of the LIGHTstern Polaris.

As a significantly larger and more modern vehicle, it easily ticks all the boxes on the wish list: Significantly more space day and night, a larger battery, a modern vehicle with all the comfort and assistance systems expected today and, of course, the “right” charging standard CCS. This means that the availability of fast-charging stations is no longer a problem.

3: The world is not ready for us yet!

But there is also a third conceivable possibility. And this has nothing to do with Sirius or with a fundamental deficiency in our offering. I’m talking about the fact that the world is simply not yet ready for the idea of traveling with an electric camper.

Although electric cars are increasingly becoming part of the everyday street scene, there is still a majority that cherishes old prejudices and sees no reason to question them critically.

Time and again – even ten years after I started looking into e-mobility – I come across statements that are no longer true. Or never were. And which often have to do with the fact that people tend to instinctively reject change.

And it is hard to deny that the move away from the combustion engine towards the electric motor is the biggest change in the transportation sector.

Even if our European neighbors are much less emotionally charged than us Germans when it comes to cars, a glance over there shows that the future will be electric here too. Maybe we just need a little longer.


So if I am right in my assessment and we in Germany are just a little slower once again, the problem should solve itself over time.

Because if electric cars are gaining ground not only among passenger cars, but also among commercial vehicles, then more people should also consider the possibility of traveling with an electric camper.

This in combination with our futre much, much more comfortable vehicles, which will simply be the better campers regardless of the type of drive, should make us optimistic, shouldn’t it?

What do you think? Do you also believe that we are “only” a little ahead of our time? Or do you see a fundamental flaw in our offering?

Let us know what you think! Of course, this helps us to constantly improve!

Published On: 20. June 2023
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