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Shortly before Easter, we were finally able to put one of our new LIGHTstern Polaris campers through its paces in the field. In addition to some good findings, there was also one that we had not expected.

Theory and practice go together

To test the Polaris in practice, we spent a few days in the Harz Mountains. We discovered that everything we had come up with in theory during the development phase works exactly the same in practice. Of course, we are delighted about this, because it means we can be sure that you, our renters, will have the same wonderful travel experience!

The weather was rather mixed except for the first day. This means: temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees and rather changing weather. But even under these circumstances, we always felt in good hands in the Polaris, thanks to the electric auxiliary heating and the dry separation toilet that was accessible at all times of the day.

Keep your eyes open when choosing a pitch!

More surprisingly, after a rainy night, we got stuck in the mud trying to leave the site of our Hinterland camp.

Of course we knew that a 3-ton vehicle is not a small car. (We have already had to experience this painfully on our own meadow. However, this is on a slope). But we hadn’t expected that even slight “undulations” in the terrain in conjunction with the rear-wheel drive would lead to a loss of all traction.

Fortunately, there was a tractor on the farm where we had spent the night, which was able to rescue us from our predicament.

Nevertheless, the urgent advice remains: When choosing a space to stay over night, make sure that the ground is firm and stable, especially if rainfall is forecast. Gravelled, asphalted or otherwise paved pitches are definitely preferable to a meadow, even if there is nothing better than standing directly in nature. (However, the joy quickly gives way to frustration when you can’t get out the next day).

So please follow the instructions for off-road driving and nothing will stand in the way of your travel pleasure!

Published On: 31. March 2024
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