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In most campervans where the bed has to be built for sleeping, it’s time to “make the beds” in the evening. This is not only annoying, but also exhausting and not exactly easy on the back. How good that the clever LIGHTstern flip covers save you this trouble!

Beds must be covered as a matter of principle

Depending on the size of the vehicle, you may have to sleep on fold-down bench seats in the campervan (blog post “Modular furniture vs. customized build”). If you’re lucky, there are dedicated upholstery and you can simply convert the seating area into a bed for the night. The latter is also the case with LIGHTstern.

No matter which option the vehicle offers: It remains the case that – at least with camper rentals – the mattresses must be covered with a bed sheet for hygienic reasons. The variant with bench seats is mainly used in smaller vehicles. There is not much space between the mattress and the vehicle roof. So you can easily imagine how tedious it is.

But even in vehicles with a customized build, the upholstery is usually fixed. The reason for this is that they are much easier and cheaper to produce. So you have to put a sheet over it before you can lie down.

If you don’t believe what a tedious job this is, then take a look at some practical tests of such campers on YouTube! :-O

Our beds are made in seconds!

We don’t want to put you through that. After all, we want to offer you a perfect travel experience. And let’s be honest: twisting your back every evening is certainly not one of them! That’s why we’ve given some thought to how we can solve this dilemma.

Our solution is called flip covers!

In concrete terms, this means that our upholstery each have a day side and a night side. The day side is covered with a robust sofa fabric. (This is an environmentally friendly fabric made from collected marine plastic). The night side is made of a finer cotton fabric that provides a comfortable touch.

The highlight: simply open the upholstery to reveal the other side. This makes making the bed a matter of seconds and is very easy to do!

Always hygienically clean

However, the original reason for covering the beds was hygiene. How do we do it?

It’s very simple: after each rental, the upholstery is removed and the flip covers are completely washed in the washing machine. This ensures that you go on your journey with freshly laundered covers every time.

A pleasant side effect is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning normal soiling. You don’t have to worry about stuff that washes out in the washing machine!

All-round carefree: the perfect travel experience

Of course, you can say that making the bed alone is not important. And of course we could have made our work much easier if we had simply bought ready-made foam pieces on the Internet. (You can’t imagine how many hours of work Anne put into the detailed development of the covers!)

But as with everything we do, we find that it’s the many little things that add up to make the difference. And true to our claim of offering you the best possible travel experience, the clever flip covers are also part of the package in addition to the complete equipment.

Convince yourself of our coherent overall concept and put it to the test: book your personal electric road trip today!

Published On: 6. April 2024
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