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We have gained two years of experience with the Sirius and have had countless intensive discussions with our guests. All the findings have been incorporated into the design of the new LIGHTstern Polaris. It will be a while before the prototype is ready. That’s why in this monologue I’ll tell you about the many clever details. Welcome to the LIGHTstern Polaris Preview!

What has happened so far …

As you know, we started 2021 with the two LIGHTstern Sirius. As much as we took them to our hearts, they were only ever a temporary solution to bridge the restrictions during the pandemic. In the meantime, we have gained a lot of valuable experience. And they have all been incorporated into the development of the LIGHTstern Polaris. So you can look forward to a strong new edition in the form of our new large electric camper van!

More than just a place to sit: the sofa

Contrary to the opinion of many camping newcomers, it is not the bathroom that is indispensable in a campervan. A comfortable couch and a large bed are much more important. (You can also shower at the camp ground. But if the furniture in your camper is no good, you’re in a bad position). This is why the large sofa is the heart of the design. It is complemented by a stool opposite.

We assume that the typical tenants are a couple. But the Polaris can also comfortably accommodate a young family with a small child. We have designed the interior for three people in accordance with the available seats with seat belts.

The usable width in the Polaris is around 1.60 meters. This means that both the seat of the sofa and the bed offer this width. And at night in particular, sleeping comfort like at home is guaranteed.

But the sofa is not just a sofa! Because if you’ve found a particularly nice spot, you can turn it into a giant lounge bench and enjoy the view through the open rear doors.

To do this, the seat is raised slightly, pulled inwards and supported on two support points attached to the walls. This turns the seat into a high backrest and the previous backrest into a deep seat! You almost have the impression of sitting in a padded deckchair – and that with a width of 1.60 m!

From sofa to bed

Fortunately, the LIGHTstern Polaris does not require any major conversion work to fall into a well-deserved sleep after a cozy evening, as is unfortunately often the case with many other campervans.

Simply lift the seat a little and pull it under the support points for the lounge mode. Then simply lay it flat on the wheel arches and the bed is almost ready. Now all you have to do is pull out the stool to the side and you have the entire lying area of 160 by 200 centimeters at your disposal.

As in the LIGHTstern Sirius, our clever flip upholstery are also used in the Polaris. These consist of a two-layer foam that is covered on one side with a robust sofa fabric made from collected marine plastic and has a comfortable linen cloth sewn onto the back. The upholstery is simply unfolded or turned over and the bed is ready! No more laborious climbing around in the camper to pull a sheet over the bed. It takes no more than a minute from bed to sofa and back!

Space for night-time business

One of the biggest advances over the Sirius is certainly the ability to use the toilet in the Polaris even when the bed is pulled out. The additional space in the interior ensures that there is still enough room in front of the bed and for access to the kitchen. This eliminates the unpleasant walk across the campsite at night when your bladder pinches again! :-)

Eat, play or work: The new table

Believe it or not, making a table usable in a campervan is harder than you think! We have worked hard and long on this. But the result is really impressive!

We have sacrificed ten centimeters of vehicle width so that the table is big enough for three people and is not in the way at night. (Otherwise the bed/sofa would be even wider!) We have created a double wall for this purpose, in which the table is stowed flush at night.

As the table is firmly attached to this wall, no major conversion is necessary to use it. All you need to do is open a latch and swivel the “table package” into a horizontal position. The table is mounted on heavy-duty pull-outs. You simply pull it out of the wall and attach the fixed strap to the ceiling. This means that the table can withstand even if you lean on it when standing up.

Finally, all you have to do is unfold the table top halves and the table is ready for whatever you have planned!

Storage space in abundance

While the storage space in the Sirius was rather limited, the LIGHTstern Polaris offers an abundance of storage space. In addition to the wall unit above the table, where clothes and other light items can be stored, there are drawers across the entire width under the sofa and stool. The box in the stool can be pulled out to both sides.

But there is also plenty of space in the kitchen. And finally, there is a wide flap at the back of the sofa for the camping furniture and an open compartment on both sides, e.g. for shoes or similar items.

Kitchen Swagger

Even with the small LIGHTstern Sirius, it was possible to use the kitchen from both inside and outside, depending on the weather. Of course, this option was also a must for the Polaris!

The kitchen in the Polaris is installed transversely behind the driver’s cab and continues in an L-shape to the rear on the driver’s side. The transverse section of the kitchen houses the toilet and the fridge. There are four additional large storage compartments next to it, which disappear under the generous work surface. The induction hob, the sink and the two canisters for water and waste water are located in the long section.

In bad weather, the kitchen is used from the stool, on which you can sit in both directions due to the lack of a backrest.

But if the sun is shining, you naturally want to cook outdoors. Therefore, the Polaris has a second sliding door on the driver’s side. This means you can operate the sink and hob from the outside while standing. For more work space and access to the storage compartments, you can simply pull the entire cross section, which is also mounted on heavy-duty pull-outs, out of the vehicle. The result is another L-shaped kitchen, but this time outdoors!

A few words about the technology

An induction hob requires a corresponding electrical connection power. With a diesel camper, this can only be achieved in a complex and expensive way using a second 12-volt battery and an expensive inverter with complicated charging technology. The Polaris, on the other hand, offers access to the huge traction battery in the floor of the van. This means that there is practically an infinite amount of electricity available for cooking!

But we didn’t stop at the kitchen: we also installed an electric auxiliary heater that works independently of the vehicle’s air conditioning system. So it’s always pleasantly warm, even on cooler nights!

We have configured the vehicle itself with everything that makes driving safer and more comfortable. For example, adaptive cruise control, several cameras and numerous safety assistants are on board. And last but not least, with 184 electric horsepower, you have enough oomph at your disposal in every situation.

Of course, the Ford e-Transit has a large battery, which is certainly sufficient for 250 real kilometers in summer with the right driving style. This is recharged to 80 percent in just over half an hour at the CCS fast charger. So this is also a big step forward compared to the past.

The booking calendar is open!

So much for the LIGHTstern Polaris preview!

If you’ve got a taste for it and would like to take our two campers on an electric road trip yourself in 2024, don’t wait any longer: the booking calendar is already open. So make sure you secure your slot in good time!

If you don’t already know, we have recently introduced the new long-term rental for your road trip of two months or more with a whopping discount of up to 40 percent!

If you have any questions, you are welcome to take part in one of our monthly “Ask me anything” video chats. All your electrical questions will be answered there.

We look forward to seeing you!

Published On: 30. June 2023
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