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Electric camping for electric beginners is often perceived as a contradiction in terms. Apparently so much is different and more complicated than with a conventional diesel. However, to help you master your first electric road trip with confidence, we will provide you with extensive information, tools and tips. So you are well prepared!

Why so skeptical?

The future belongs to electromobility. This is now clear, not only against the background of the climate catastrophe, but it is simply the better way to get around. Pretty much everyone who has tried it will confirm this. Accordingly, sooner or later it will also reach the topic of “camping”.

But now we are in Germany. Unfortunately, in recent years, people here have become accustomed to judging progress and change with skepticism, without necessarily taking the facts into account. So even after years of traveling electrically ourselves, the first question is almost always: “How far can you get with it?”

Or people keep trying to explain to us that electric mobility is out of the question for them because, firstly, they can’t drive less than 800 kilometers without a break. And secondly, they wouldn’t want to take four or five hours to recharge. (Both are nonsense, of course.)

With this in mind, it is not surprising that many people do not associate the topics of “camping” and “electromobility” with one another. Because the “law of nature” still prevails here that only a long journey is a good journey. (We also see this aspect of travel somewhat differently. We call this philosophy “Slow Travel”, and if you are interested in this topic, there is a separate blog post about it).

In summary, it can be said that skepticism is often based on prejudices. This is a shame in that the topic of “electric camping for electric beginners” is then rejected from the outset and avoided without having tried it out at least once.

The real problem

The reason why electric camping is supposedly not suitable for electric beginners is therefore not so much due to the actual disadvantages of the technology. Rather, it is often the fear of the unknown and the associated uncertainty that puts potential customers off.

In one case, a friend’s parents decided to discover the adventure of camping even in old age. When they found out from their daughter that we run a rental business for electric campervans, they were initially very receptive. Only when they thought about the supposed problems they would face did they refrain from doing so for the time being.

In this particular case, we were able to easily dispel any concerns by inviting the couple to our yard. While they inspected our campers in the flesh, we were able to answer all their questions and dispel their reservations.

It can therefore be clearly stated that shyness is almost always based on ignorance and only rarely on an actual problem. “Listen, show, explain” is therefore our motto!

Our solution approach

As this is by no means an isolated case, we thought about how we could make electromobility easy for beginners. Our solution is to provide novices with all the information they need. That is why we have reserved a large part of our website for frequently asked questions and detailed explanations with videos on all aspects of our vehicles.

We have also designed our vehicle instruction in the form of a one-hour video course. This allows you to solve many supposed problems from the comfort of your sofa. Of course, you can also watch the videos several times or pause them in between. So you are well prepared when you take over your camper.

But that’s not all: we have equipped our campers with charging cards so that you can always buy your charging power at the best price.

We also have four ready-made electric tours for you. These offer you a selection of possible camp spaces where you can charge overnight if you don’t yet have the confidence to use the public charging infrastructure. For the very brave, numerous fast-charging stations are also listed.

However, if you have any questions – whether before or during the trip – we are of course always on hand to help and advise you!


In any case, it has become very clear to us that the path to greater acceptance of electromobility in general and electric camping in particular lies through communication and education. We would like to invite you to join us:

If you’ve landed on this page because you’re basically open to an electric adventure, what other questions do you have?

Write us a message and ask us all your questions! Of course, we hope that you feel so well prepared at the end that you want to give it a try! Then book one of our campers and experience for yourself how easy and carefree an electric road trip can be!

Published On: 21. March 2023
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