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The Polaris, a van for three people, will join the fleet in 2024. It’s perfect for a young family (two adults with a small child). But we wondered whether we should also develop a camper for four people.

Arguments for a camper for four

Due to its size, the LIGHTstern Sirius, which expires in 2023, only has space for two. The new 2024 LIGHTstern Polaris, on the other hand, is designed for three people.

The most obvious argument for a camper for four people is certainly that it could serve the “standard family”. Especially when the children are younger, a campervan would certainly be an alternative to a full-size RV.

Another key factor is that it will probably be a while before the major manufacturers bring a “real” electric motorhome onto the market. Until then, an electric campervan for four would be the only alternative to dirty diesel.

Arguments against

The idea of such a camper is convincing. And we are also sure that we can design a vehicle in LIGHTstern quality. However, there are still a number of fundamental arguments against it.

The biggest challenge is the required number of authorized seats. The bench seat in the LIGHTstern Polaris offers space for three people. However, in order to safely accommodate four people, extensive conversions would be necessary.

Usually, rail systems in the vehicle floor or so-called seat blocks are used for additional seats. Both are securely bolted to the frame of the chassis through the floor.

However, the large battery in an electric vehicle is located under the floor. Drilling into it would certainly be a bad idea!

Another question is where to sleep. With its 160 cm wide bed, the LIGHTstern Polaris offers plenty of space for 2+1. But it would definitely be too small for four people.

One option would be to install a pop-top roof with two additional sleeping berths. Alternatively, a roof tent would also be conceivable.

All of these measures would not only be very complex to develop, but would also involve considerable additional costs. These should be reflected in rents in some way.

Is it all a question of money?

In the end, it all comes down to the tiresome issue of costs. As described, there are ways and means of building an electric camper for four people. The question is whether it would be chosen if it were a good deal more expensive.

I would like to pass this question on to you: What extra charge did you think would be reasonable to be able to rent an all-electric camper for four people?

Published On: 31. May 2023
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